1. Little Things


I’ve been finding little things
That once belonged to you
I keep them for when you might come
But you never do

A ticket stub from ‘96
A bracelet that you wore
A silver lighter that won’t catch a spark
The key to my back door

Seasons change but not like me
I’m just stuck in time
Memories stop me in my tracks
With each thing I find

A book of matches from a bar
That we snuck into
A guitar pick from a rising star
A mood ring stuck on blue

Little things are just my way of always holding on
If I see them every day you will not be gone

Now the leaves have come and gone
They don’t stick around
Like the feeling that I get
With each thing I’ve found

The sunglasses you were looking for
A watch that ran too slow
A red bandana that held your hair back
When you let it grow