I only went north ‘cause I couldn’t face the spring
Pine River’s just a place to forget about things
It’s not a mighty piece of water, just bigger than a crick
But it’s far away from home where the memories are thick

There’s a crow above the trees that never sings along
Like every season, every station, every single, every song
About how we lost daddy, why he had to die
A broken piece of rhythm in a wide necktie

It was a heavy promise that got made
With an axe to grind into a shiny blade

I got a hundred different stories, only some that I can tell
Like a lady with her peaches, only some she’s gonna sell
But as the light upon the floor starts crawling up the wall
I’m lying here awake just thinking ‘bout you all

There’s a pile of cigarettes in the window sill
Ashtrays and cans have already been filled
If every morning’s just a picture of how the night dies
Tell them all that I’ll be home when the snow flies