1. The Catalyst


I was behind her in a drugstore outside of Prairie du Chien
She was buying herself some vodka to go with her lemonade
She had a panther on her shoulder, go-go boots that made her hip
A 1960’s hair-do and an earring in her lip

From the road I saw a farmhouse burning to the ground
In her eyes I’ve seen the catalyst that turns this world around

She’s got a tribe of all her people and they hang out in the street
Each one shares a needle and they call themselves freaks
Better watch out after sundown for the alleyways she haunts
I’ve seen her belt some jock with a trash can lid and whip his debutante

Today around eleven at the Wisconsin music fest
She took the stage with her band, she wore panties and a vest
They played and screamed and kicked and yelled, each song went twice as fast
She passed out in the second row, that song would be her last