1. Icy Village

From the recording Slow, the Summer Burned

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Look upon the icy village
Cut by teeth, made of bone
Earth has drained into skyline
Cold enough to crack the stones

A thin black line of ash defining
The starving shadow of a wounded crow
A field of fence posts lies foresaken
Silver scenes of splintered souls

Is there a voice you'd rather whisper
The path of a fallen bird
Or the great day that is dawning and
The first light to fill this world?

There is a song too blue for breathing and
A dram too pure to pour
Many months now they have lingered
Right outside the cabin door

The river bleeds a darker lifetime
Spilling south to a frozen shore
Ten thousand flames pressed in the ceiling
Ten thousand more upon the snow

The country swells to swift perdition
Beyond the glass unatoned
Her wildernesss, her sense of body
In liquid light bathed all alone