From the recording Slow, the Summer Burned

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The sisters may have told you
About the devil that they know
With horns as big as bear claws
Lives in the fire and smoke
I know what they told me
I'm a sinner, that's a fact
But the devil lives in Kansas
And she sure don't look like that

The first time I saw her
I was about thirteen at the time
She was this school girl named Dolores
And I wanted her to be mine
She broke my heart, I guess my love
Was just a school girl's game
Because in through town rode some bikers
And she knew them all by name

I said the devil lives in Kansas
But she sure don't look like that
She must have traded her horns for two long legs
And a pair of red leather pants
I've seen pictures of Lucifer
Read The Bible front to back
But the devil lives in Kansas
And she sure don't look like that

I've been in love a time or two
But never as hard as Diane
A beach side waitress in Galveston
With a mighty gulf coast tan
I brought her home to Wichita
Just like I dreamed and planned
She ran around town quite a bit
And I never saw her again


I got married last July
To an angel named Marie
My friends could sense something about her
That I just could not see
I heard a song on the radio
About the devil in disguise
It keep me guessing all day long
And it wakes me up at night