1. La Zorra

From the recording Slow, the Summer Burned

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Some men will whistle at Susan
Some just go on their way
Some she'll ring 'em like an old bell
'Til she runs out of songs to play

Young boys call her La Zorra
Old men call her a crime
Bring me in, lay me down
Call me satisfied

Her last great kiss was ten years ago
I tell you how I know this
Because I kissed her so
Sometimes I swear that her blonde hair
Lights this holy night
But most I find just a rag doll
In the recess of my mind


She started off on a stoney path
Leading down lakeside
Now she's working on a menthol
Beaneath a neon sign

And the boat she's floating is taking on water
Filling from stem to stearn
If lonesome is what fuels you
She's got plenty to burn